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loveshemalesex asked:

Hey there, just wanted to say how much it he blog has improved my life . P.S what's the bigesst peg you have used?

Thanks for the props… it pleases me to know the stuff I post is enjoyed by my pervy followers!

Biggest I’ve had is the 7 1/4” Vixen Creations Bandit my wife slips inside my ass-pussy. It’s a life-like and girthy 1.75” in diameter (5.5” circumference). But, we’re considering moving up to a bigger girl-cock soon… stay tuned!



The video camera?  OH that is so we can create some lasting memories of my new giant strapon cock as I fuck your pretty mouth and ass with it.  You would never say no to me and I know how much you love being pegged.  Come on sweetie, it is not much bigger than the last one and I think  you can handle a little more.  I promise the video will just be for us.

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